Blank plugs are used to repair holes which have been made in the wrong position in polyethylene pipe or if Microjets®, Rigid Risers or Stake Assemblies need to be moved. They are also known as "GOOF PLUGS".

There are 2 different blank plugs available :

BG05 - Threaded 2ba Blank Plug: This plug is screwed into the hole to be closed off and seals in the same way as a Microjet seals off against the polyethylene lateral. It has the same size hexagon as a standard microjet base and thus can be installed using a microjet Spanner or Punch.

BG06 - Barbed Blank Plug: This plug is simply pushed into the unwanted hole and seals and is prevented from falling out by means of the barb. It has a neater finish as the plug ends up being almost flush with the pipe and is not easily noticed. It is also ideal for areas where the Microjet®, Rigid Riser or Stake Assembly has being ripped out of the polyethylene lateral pipe making the hole to big to take a threaded plug.

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