Product Information

The Microjet® Framejet is an open framed microjet with a standard Microjet® base. This jet is easy to clean and strong and reliable. It is made with a full two sided frame instead of the "G" frame like many similar products. This is to ensure that the orifice and the deflector are perfectly aligned even after twisting during the assembly process to ensure a regular and even spray pattern.

The Framejet is available in four different spray configurations: 360°, 180°, 90° and 360°downspray. Any Microjet® base can be used depending on the required flow rate.

The Framejet has a hook on the top of the frame to allow it the be suspended from the trellis wire should it be used on row crops.

For newly planted shrubs and trees an additional deflector called a "sunhat" can be clipped over the frame to cause the spray to be deflected downwards. This deflector keeps the water closer to the plant while it is small and its root structure not yet well developed. Once the plant has grown bigger and its root structure has expanded the sunhat can be removed to give a wider throw.

The extent of the wetted area will vary depending on the size of the base and the operating pressure. This information can be found by clicking on the link to the microjet specification chart on the right.

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