Most irrigation systems, be they for a small home garden or large landscape or agricultural area, require the use of multiple watering stations. At home one might have separate stations for the lawn and flower beds or there may not be enough water to irrigate the whole garden at the same time. This is when a series of valves is required. These valves need to be connected together to the same source of water. The older ways were to create a manifold with costly galvanised metal or permanent PVC tees and elbows.

Now with Water-Flo® the job can be done, easier (No tools Are Required), quicker (All parts are made to fit into each other) and be more flexible (Easy to Change Once Assembled).

All Water-Flo ® Manifold parts are moulded from strong, durable, UV stabilised engineering plastic to withstand high water pressures and the ravages of the weather. The manifold is designed for easy installation underground or against a wall or stand using specially designed mounting brackets which are built into the unique "clip together" system. This "clip together" system makes the system easy to maintain and expand.

Features of the Water-Flo ® Manifold System :

Simple No tools are required for assembly. Simply connect the required pieces together, then slide on the unique clips for a perfectly leak-proof strong joint.
 Accessible Once assembled, the manifold layout can be easily modified or extended by sliding off the clips and separating the components. There is no limit to the number of extensions which can be added.
 Symmetrical The Teepieces and Crosspieces are symmetrical. This allows for a half turn when tightening threaded valves
 Versatile All components are available in either 1" (25mm) or 3/4" (20mm), Which allows for mixing of valves of different sizes
 Leakproof Water-flo manifold provides a leak proof joint
 Automated The system can be connected directly to the water supply for fully automatic operation or via a detachable connetion for manual use
 Upgradeable It is easy to upgrade from the Manual System to Semi-automatic to fully automatic. Simply slide off the clips, take the manifold apart and replace the manual valves with tap timers or electric solenoid valves.

The Water-Flo® Manifold has the following Components

The above components make up the manifold : The Teepiece and Elbow allow one valve each to be attached, The Cross-Piece allows 2 valves (one up / one down), The Inlet can also be used as a valve connection, The Endcap closes off the open end.

The components on the right keep the manifold together. Each join must have a coupling and 2 clips, except when using the INLET or ENDCAP where a coupling is not needed.

Each join requires two clips: Either two plain clips, or if mounting on a wall then one plain clip and one wall-mount clip should be used. The Wall-Mount Clip has handy holes for the mounting screws



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