The Emjay® Poly Threaded Fittings range is the latest development by Microjet Irrigation Systems. It was launched in South Africa In October 2008 and globally in 2009. The range of fittings was developed specifically for our overseas market and has been made to much higher quality than any other comparable product on the market in South Africa.  These fittings are made from Black Virgin Polypropylene (for maximum UV protection) to very precise specifications which conform strictly to international BSP thread specifications. 

They are non-hydroscopic, meaning that they don't absorb moisture and are highly resistant to chemicals and fertilizers. The threads are all full form threads which have been cut by computer controlled machines to a standard taper of 2° across the range to ensure maximum seal at high pressure.

These fittings have all been tested up to 1600kPa (235psi) without damage or leaks.

It is recommended that a good quality thread seal tape (PTFE tape) is always used when installing Emjay® Poly Threaded Fittings.

The Emjay® Poly Threaded Fittings are easily identifiable by the bold name and size (both Imperial and with the metric equivalent) engraved on each part as well as the recycle mark clearly engraved for easy recycling. They have a robust octagonal nut section for easy tightening by hand or spanner. 

The full range of Bushes, Nipples, Male and Female Plugs, Male and Female Tees and Elbows, Male to Female Elbows and Sockets is available in all standard sizes from 1/2" (15mm) to 2" (50mm).

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