The Emjay® Nylon Sockets are used to connect male threaded fittings together. These sockets have a “through and through” parallel thread which means it is a continuous thread with no stop in the middle. This is ideal for certain application such as fitting of impact sprinklers onto stand pipes. They have a hex in the middle for easy tightening by hand or with a spanner and are available from ½” to 1″ BSP.

A special socket in this range is the BK50 (½” ABS Socket). It is not made of nylon but of ABS which is a harder more rigid material. It is shorter and is an interupted socket with a stop in the middle. It is ideal for converting a male ½” fitting into a female provided the extra length of the other sockets is not required. This socket is only available in ½” BSP.

For a larger range of sockets (½” to 2″ BSP) as well as reducing sockets and other threaded fittings check out our new improved Emjay® Poly Threaded Fittings range

The Emjay® Nylon Socket is available in the following sizes:
(For Green Polyprop the code becomes MBG instead of MB)

BK 15
BK 20
BK 25BK50
½” BSP (15mm)
¾” BSP (20mm)
1″ BSP (25mm)½” BSP (15mm) – Short (ABS)


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