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Emjay® Poly Sockets are used to connect male threaded fittings together. These sockets have an “interupted” thread which means that there is a stop in the middle of the socket to prevent the socket from screwing right through the male fitting or pipe. This means that the taper on both sides of the socket is the same (standard 2° taper throughout the Emjay Poly Threaded Fittings range) and both sides are therefore identical. These sockets are reinforced by having the octotgonal nut on both ends which serves to minimise flaring should the socket be overtightened. The octogonal nut also makes tightening by hand or spanner easy.

Should a “through and through” or uninterupted thread be required the Emjay® Nylon Socket can be used.

A special socket in this range is the BK50 (½” ABS Socket). It is not made of Polypropylene but of ABS which is a harder more rigid material. It is shorter and is also an interupted socket with a stop in the middle. It is ideal for converting a male ½” fitting into a female provided the extra length of the other sockets is not required. This socket is only available in ½” BSP.

MBP 651
MBP 652
MBP 653
MBP 654
MBP 655
MBP 656BK50
½” BSP
¾” BSP
1″ BSP
1¼” BSP
1½” BSP
2″ BSP½” – Short ABS

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½" BSP (15mm), ¾" BSP (20mm), 1" BSP (25mm), 1¼" BSP (32mm), 1½" BSP (40mm), 2" BSP½" – Short ABS (50mm)(15mm)