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Microjet® has an extensive range of accessories which complement the Microjet® sprinkler and emitter range.

Microjet® Stakes and Stake Assemblies in various combinations are used to support the Microjets® either directly or through the use of Rigid Risers to lift the Microjets® higher. There is a choice of different types of Stakes and Stake Assemblies depending on the cost, strength required, and terrain where they will be used. Stake Assemblies are connected to the polypipe line by Microjet’s high quality flexible PVC tubing which is available in a number of sizes and colours for different applications. We have a large range of adaptors, connectors and fittings for the tubing and our range of quality Rigid Risers as well as a range of smallbore chokes which can be used to regulate the water flow through the tubing or risers. The Microjet Punch and Spanners are ideal for making holes in polypipe and for screwing in the jets and adaptors. They should also be used to snap off the Microjet® Cap without damaging it.

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