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The Emjay® Insert Reducing Teepiece is used to join three lengths of polypipe of different size. The two straight legs are the bigger size with the “tee-off” leg being the smaller size. It is usually used to tee off a branch line connected to a main line of the bigger size.

The Emjay® Insert Reducing Teepiece is available in the following sizes:

MB 114
MB 116
MB 118
MB 121
MB 122
MB 334
MB 335
MB 336
MB 338
MB 339
MB 340
MB 341
MB 343
MB 344
MB 345
MB 346
MB 347
13mm x 10mm
15mm x 13mm
20mm x 15mm
25mm x 20mm
25mm x 15mm
32mm x 15mm
32mm x 20mm
32mm x 25mm
40mm x 15mm
40mm x 20mm
40mm x 25mm
40mm x 32mm
50mm x 15mm
50mm x 20mm
50mm x 25mm
50mm x 32mm
50mm x 40mm

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13mm x 10mm, 15mm x 13mm, 20mm x 15mm, 25mm x 20mm, 25mm x 15mm, 32mm x 15mm, 32mm x 20mm, 32mm x 25mm, 40mm x 15mm, 40mm x 20mm, 40mm x 25mm, 40mm x 32mm, 50mm x 15mm, 50mm x 20mm, 50mm x 25mm, 50mm x 32mm, 50mm x 40mm