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(Assembled with: Stake, 600mm Tube, Barbed Adaptor, Jet)

BS3+Jet Code
BS4+Jet Code
BS10+Jet CodeBP3+Jet Code
BP4+Jet CodeBPS3+Jet Code
BPS4+Jet Code
ALUMINIUM STAKE – 1m (+1000mm tube)POLYSTAKE – 300mm
POLY SLIMSTAKE – 450mmAll stake assemblies are supplied standard with black tubing. Green tubing is available – please use suffix “G”

Product Information

Microjet® Stake assemblies are factory assembled stake, tubing, riser and jet combinations – These are ready for immediate use without further work.

They are broadly divided in two groups – Complete Stake Assemblies and Incomplete Stake Assemblies.

Complete Stake Assemblies have a jet pre-assembled on the stake whereas the Incomplete Stake Assemblies have no jet and the customer needs to put the jet on himself.

There are also two broad categories of Stakes. Clip Head stakes and Barbed Head Stakes:

  • The Clip Head Stakes require a rigid riser or jet adaptor (BH35 or BH38) to be clipped into the stake. The tubing is then connected to the rigid riser by means of a riser adaptor (BG02) or the barb on the jet adaptor. We do not recommend screwing a threaded jet directly into the flexible PVC tube as this could blow out if the tube gets hot. Barbed jets are acceptable for use on clip head stakes
  • The Barbed Head Stakes have a barbed adaptor built in and the jet simply screws into the top of the stake and the tubing fits over the barb.

In the case of Barbed Head Stake Assemblies (slimstake), our standard Stake Assemblies consist of: Stake, 600mm Black 4mm PVC tube, Barbed Adaptor (BH16) and Jet (if complete stake assembly is ordered).

The Clip Head Stake Assemblies (Standard and poly stakes) consist of: Stake, 600mm Black 4mm PVC tube, Barbed Adaptor, Jet Adpator (BH35) and Jet (if complete stake assembly is ordered).

A new member of our stake assembly family is the Microjet® Potstake.

All Stake assemblies are supplied with Black tubing, however green tubing is available on request. The suffix “G” should be added to the product code when ordering.