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The Snap-on® Hose Connector is attached to the ends of the hose by a barbed insert with a locking ferrul which ensures the hose remains connected and does not leak.  The hosepipe with the Snap-on® Hose Connector can then easily be Snapped on or Snapped off the Snap-on® Tap Connector or Accessory Adaptor as required.  This fitting is not recommended when using nozzles with shut off devices that cause the hosepipe to be under mains pressure for an extended time.  This high pressure could cause the hose pipe to blow out of the Standard Hose Connector and it is recommended that the Snap-on®/Emjay® Hose Connector (SB224 & SB225) should be used in this situation.

The Snap-on® Hose Connector is only available for ½” hose.

SB 220 for 1/2″ HOSE