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This filter is our original filter; Designed for use in a Microjet®irrigation system.  It is designed specifically for use in low volume, low pressure systems only.

It has only one filter screen (or cartridge) available.  This cartridge is made of plastic and is designed to trap any particles that would clog up a standard Microjet®.  The openings in the inline filter cartridge are 1.3mm x 0.5mm which equates approximately to a 20 mesh filter screen in area of opening (0.65mm2).  The smallest Microjet® is a black base which has an orifice size of 0.8mm, so this filter would work perfectly on any Microjet® System.

The Emjay® Inline filter is only available with Emjay® Insert (barbed) ends in 13mm, 15mm and 20mm.  These ends conform to the rest of the Emjay® range of fittings with their unique barb configuration.

There are two barrel (body) options available: either Clear or Black.   When using the clear barrel it is easy to see if the filter cartridge needs cleaning or is blocked.  The Black barrel is used to prevent light from getting into the water line and thus helps to inhibit fungal growth inside the filter.

MB 159
MB 159B
MB 160
MB 160B
MB 161
MB 161B
13mm – Clear Barrel
13mm – Black Barrel
15mm – Clear Barrel
15mm – Black Barrel
20mm – Clear Barrel
20mm – Black Barrel

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13mm – Clear Barrel, 13mm – Black Barrel, 15mm – Clear Barrel, 15mm – Black Barrel, 20mm – Clear Barrel, 20mm – Black Barrel