The Emjay® Male Combination Teepiece is used for fitting a sprinkler, stand pipe or other accessory with a female thread to a pipeline. For example for fitting a pop-up sprinkler to a lateral pipeline.

The Emjay® Insert Male Tee is available in the following sizes:
(For Green Polyprop the code becomes MBG instead of MB)

MB 123
MB 124
MB 125
MB 126
MB 210
MB 212
MB 214
MB 215
MB 216
MB 217
MB 218
MB 249
MB 250
MB 251
MB 252
MB 253
MB 254
MB 255
MB 256
MB 257
MB 258
MB 259
13/15mm x ½” BSP
15mm x ½” BSP
20mm x ½” BSP
20mm x ¾” BSP
25mm x ½” BSP
25mm x ¾” BSP
25mm x 1″ BSP
32mm x ½” BSP
32mm x ¾” BSP
32mm x 1″ BSP
32mm x 1¼” BSP
40mm x ½” BSP
40mm x ¾” BSP
40mm x 1″ BSP
40mm x1¼” BSP
40mm x 1½” BSP
50mm x ½” BSP
50mm x ¾” BSP
50mm x 1″ BSP
50mm x1¼” BSP
50mm x 1½” BSP
50mm x 2″ BSP


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