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The Emjay® Insert Reducer is used to join two lengths of polypipe of different size.

The Emjay® Insert Reducer is available in the following sizes:

MB 105
MB 106
MB 107
MB 108
MB 109
MB 110
MB 111
MB 112
MB 223
MB 224
MB 225
MB 226
MB 227
MB 228
MB 229
MB 231
MB 232
MB 233
MB 234
MB 235
MB 237
13mm x 10mm
15mm x 10mm
15mm x 13mm
20mm x 10mm
20mm x 13mm
20mm x 15mm
25mm x 15mm
25mm x 20mm
32mm x 15mm
32mm x 20mm
32mm x 25mm
40mm x 15mm
40mm x 20mm
40mm x 25mm
40mm x 32mm
50mm x 15mm
50mm x 20mm
50mm x 25mm
50mm x 32mm
50mm x 40mm
65mm x 50mm

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13mm x 10mm, 15mm x 10mm, 15mm x 13mm, 20mm x 10mm, 20mm x 13mm, 20mm x 15mm, 25mm x 15mm, 25mm x 20mm, 32mm x 15mm, 32mm x 20mm, 32mm x 25mm, 40mm x 15mm, 40mm x 20mm, 40mm x 25mm, 40mm x 32mm, 50mm x 15mm, 50mm x 20mm, 50mm x 25mm, 50mm x 32mm, 50mm x 40mm, 65mm x 50mm