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MICROSPIN – 360° Spinner

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Microspin spec

BLACK – 0.8mm (•030″)
ORANGE – 0.9mm (•035″)
BLUE – 1.0mm (•040″)
GREEN – 1.3mm (•050″)
RED – 1.5mm (•060″)

As its name implies the Microjet® Microspin is a highly accurate and efficient small sprinkler with a spinning rotor.  Unlike many other spinners on the market today, the Microspin has a double sided frame and not single legged “G” shape, to give it extra strength and to ensure that the rotor runs straight. The rotor has a double throw and has aerodynamic design which makes it suitable in high wind conditions, as single pole rotors with an “arm” sticking out to the side tend to be badly effected by wind. The rotor is made of molybdenum filled acetal which has self lubricating properties and the hook is made from PBT which is a very hard material. Therefore when the inevitable wearing happens it will be the rotor that wears leaving the hook intact. The rotor can be replaced and the Microspin is as good as new.

Being part of the Microjet® family, the Microspin conforms to Microjet® specifications and standards and is available the following orifice sizes: Black (0.8mm), Orange (0.9mm), Blue (1.0mm), Green (1.3mm) and Red (1.5mm). Like the Microjet® bases the colour denotes the orifice and therefore the output. In the case of the Microspin, however the hook is colour coded for this purpose.

The Microspin is made of the following parts :

  1. Strong, Durable frame made from high quality engineering plastic.
  2. Highly efficient and accurate spinner. The spinner can be removed and replaced by twisting out the hook attachment
  3. Available in 2BA (threaded) or 4mm Barbed configuration.
  4. Detachable hook, which can be used to suspend the sprinkler from trellis wires.
  5. Supporting lugs for use when hanging Microspin from trellis wires.

All the above parts are available as spares.

To see a full specification of all Microjets® (including the Microspin) – Please click the Product Specification Button at the top.

Additional information

Orifice Size

BLACK – 0.8mm (•030"), ORANGE – 0.9mm (•035"), BLUE – 1.0mm (•040"), GREEN – 1.3mm (•050"), RED – 1.5mm (•060")