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BE 01 2.3mm (•090″)

The Ball Drive Jet is a white base Microjet® with a 360° cap and a small ball fitted into the cap. The water turbulence inside the cap forces the ball to spin around inside and block off the holes in the cap one at a time.

The effect obtained in this manner is that the individual jets from the cap are disturbed and create a “water trail” running back towards the jet and thus ensuring a very even distribution of water from the base of the jet to the furthest wetted point. When using a high capacity base and a stream type cap the area furthest away from the jet tends to get more water, forming a “doughnut” effect, whereas the area closest to the jet is fairly dry. The Ball Drive jet overcomes this problem.

The Microjet® Ball Drive Jet is also known as the GO-GO Jet.

Care should be taken when snapping off the cap for cleaning so as not to lose the little ball inside.

Performance data on the Ball Drive Jet is available from the Microjet Product Specifications Chart at the top.

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