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BLACK – 0.8mm (•030″) x 360°
BLUE – 1.0mm (•040″) x 360°
GREEN – 1.3mm (•050″) x 360°
RED – 1.5mm (•060″) x 360°
WHITE – 2.3mm (•070″) x 360°

downsprayThe Microjet® Framejet is an open framed microjet with a standard Microjet base. This jet is easy to clean and strong and reliable. It is made with a full two sided frame instead of the “G” frame like many similar products. This is to ensure that the orifice and the deflector are perfectly aligned even after twisting during the assembly process to ensure a regular and even spray pattern.

This particular Framejet is the Framejet Downspray. It is designed for use in areas where the spray radius should not be bigger than about 1m. The deflector is concave which deflects the water stream in a conical shape downwards. It can be used with any base or the Microjet Varijet®. It is recommended that the biggest base used is the blue base as the bigger bases give out too much water which could result in the spray being to strong and washing away the soil or damaging the foliage.

The Framejet Downspray is only available in a 360° configuration.

Like the rest of the Framejet range it has a hook on the top of the frame to allow it to be suspended from a horizontal trellis wire.

An ideal application of the Framejet Downspray is on top of a Microjet® Stake Assembly and used for potplants. Our Microjet® Potstake utilises this jet on Varijet® base.

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Orifice Size

BLACK – 0.8mm (•030") x 360°, BLUE – 1.0mm (•040") x 360°, GREEN – 1.3mm (•050") x 360°, RED – 1.5mm (•060") x 360°, WHITE – 2.3mm (•070") x 360°