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Microjet® Caps snap on to the Microjet® Base and direct the water discharged by the orifice in the base in a unique discharge pattern. These caps are manufactured of a high quality, U.V. stabilised engineering plastic for maximum resistance to degradation by sunlight. They are easily snapped off and on for easy cleaning using the Microjet Spanner or Punch.

Microjet® Caps are available in a variety of different spray patterns for any possible situation.
The table below gives a full description of each cap and its details:

AB 01 This cap sprays a strip from 2m to 4m on each side of the cap depending on the size of the orifice of the base and the operating pressure. 140°, Strip.
AB 02 This cap sprays a full circle by emitting 15 radiating streams of water making up the full circle. 2360° x 15
AB 03 This cap is the same as the 360° x 15 hole caps, but has 12 holes instead of 15. It was designed to lessen the distortion of the spray by the wind as the individual streams are a lot stronger 2360° x 12
AB 04 This cap was designed with a 60° “shadow area” in which no water is distributed. This shadow ensures that the stem of the fruit tree remains dry in areas where there is Phytoftera or other viruses present in the irrigation water. 4300° x 10
AB 05 A fan type cap with large openings to obviate blockage of the jet where contaminated irrigation water is a problem. The only shadow areas are those formed by the two pillars which attach the spreader to the skirt of the cap. 5280°
AB 06 Similar to the 280° cap with the exception that three pillars attach the spreader for greater mechanical strength 6270°
AB 07 A 180° cap which wets only half of the circle in the form of a fan for positioning against a wall or in a row of trees or vines on the edge of an orchard or vineyard. Also used in orchards where Phytoftera is particularly virulent 180° jets are placed on either side of the stem spraying away from the stem 7180° open
AB 08 Similar to the 180° open cap; But this cap emits 8 radiating jets and is used where the irrigation water is relatively clean or where a fan spray is not ideal or the mechanical strength of the cap is a consideration. 7180° x 8
AB 09 A fan-type spray designed for use mainly in horticultural applications for irrigating corners which cannot otherwise be irrigated without wetting the walls. 990°