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Reinforced – for threaded jets
Blue Head – for pressfit jets

The Microjet® Jet Adaptor is designed to replace a rigid riser in a Stake Assembly when the jet needs to be closer to the head of the Stake. It can clip into any of our range of clip-head stakes (Standard Stake, Poly Stake or Slimstake) effectively converting the clip-head stake into a barbed-head stake.

The Jet Adaptor is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is the same material that our Rigid Risers are made from. This material is ideal for threaded Microjets® as the Microjet Base cuts its own thread into the inside of the Rigid Riser or Jet Adaptor forming a strong connection. This prevents the Microjet® from blowing out under normal operating conditions.

We do not recommend screwing a threaded jet directly into the flexible PVC tubing as these jets could blow out if the tube gets hot. This is because the jet does not cut a good thread into the pvc. Thus barbed jets should be used or the barbed stake or the Microjet® jet adaptor.

Also available is the “Blue Head” Jet Adaptor which can be used to attach a “pressfit” jet onto a clip stake.

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Reinforced – for threaded jets, Blue Head – for pressfit jets