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Microjet® Rigid Risers are 4mm (inside diameter) high density polyethylene tubes which are are used to install Microjets® above the soil surface where the lateral line is installed below the surface or to extend the height of the emitter above undergrowth where the lateral is installed on the surface of the soil. They are also used on a Microjet® Stake Assembly to extend the height of the Microjet® to spray over foliage

Microjet® Rigid Risers are extruded straight and accurately machine-cut to different lengths to ensure that the cut is exactly square to the tube. At no time during the manufacturing process are the tubes bent or coiled as the material of manufacture has an inherent memory which results in a pipe which is coiled or bent during manufacture returning to it’s original shape when relaxed. By extruding the risers straight, a perfectly straight end product is ensured with no bending once installed in the field. The accurate cut ensures that the adaptor and jet are fitted correctly and will not leak. All rigid risers are supplied complete with adaptors already fitted.

It is advisable to support the rigid risers with a Microjet® Stake to ensure that they stand upright .

Microjet® Rigid Risers are supplied in the following standard lengths but are available in different lengths on request .

  • BJ 02    –    200mm (nominal)
  • BJ 04    –    300mm (nominal)
  • BJ 06    –    450mm (nominal)
  • BJ 10    –    1000mm (nominal)

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200mm (nominal), 300mm (nominal), 450mm (nominal), 1000mm (nominal)