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LIGHTHOUSE JET – Rotating Microjet®

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BD 01 2.3mm (•090″)

The Lighthouse Jet is a high capacity, rotating Microjet® which is has a bearing and turbine finning in the base of the cap to facilitate rotation. It can be fitted to a polyethylene lateral, riser or stake assembly in the same way as a conventional Microjet® but the hexagonal part of the base is larger requiring a special Lighthouse Spanner.

This jet is ideal for use in horticulture, looks spectacular in operation and ensures a very even precipitation. It is, however, susceptible to impurities in the irrigation water in that it can occasionally stop turning.  This has been known to happen particularly when the system has not been used for a long time (like during a rainy period).  The easy solution is to turn on the water and while it is on simply twist or spin the cap portion around a few times and it will be off spinning merrily.  As with all Microjets® it is recommended that a good filter be used in the system.

The Lighthouse Jet gets its name from its resemblance to a lighthouse with the rotating streams of water being the light beams radiating out.

Performance data on the Lighthouse Jet is available from the Microjet Specifications Chart:

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