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Microjet® Spanners and Punches are used to :

  • Form the hole into which the Microjet® is to be screwed
  • Screw the Microjet® into the hole
  • Snap the Cap off for cleaning
All of the Microjet® Spanners and Punches have a spike or punch portion and a hexagonal socket which accurately fits the hexagon on the Microjet® base. The Microjet® Punch is fitted with a stainless steel tubular punch which removes a small slug from the polyethylene pipe thus forming the correct size hole to receive the Microjet®. This slug is prevented from entering the pipeline by it’s retention within the handle of the punch. A hexagon socket at the back of the handle is used to screw the Microjet® into the pipe.
The Microjet® Punch comes complete with a cap to cover the sharp punch tip when not in use.

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