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Microjet® spanners and punches are used to :

Firstly, form the hole into which the Microjet® is to be screwed and;

Secondly to screw the Microjet® into the hole.

All of the Microjet® spanners and punches have a spike or punch portion and a hexagonal socket which accurately fits the hexagon on the Microjet® Base.

The following spanners are available:

BG 01 Microjet Spanner
(Plastic Spike)
This is the original Microjet® spanner and consists of the t-bar section with a plastic spike and a hexagonal socket. It is the economy model which is used mainly in the home garden or areas where not to many Microjets® are to be installed. If many Microjets® are to be installed the chrome spike spanner is better suited to the task.
BG 07 Microjet® Spanner
(Chrome Spike)
This is the the same spanner as the BG 01 but it has a chrome spike instead of a plastic one for making holes in the pipe. This is idealy suited for installations which require a large number of Microjets® to be installed directly into the polypipe laterals as the chrome spike does not wear out as quickly or get blunt.
BG 08 Lighthouse Spanner This spanner is the same as the BG 01 spanner except it is designed for use with the Lighthouse Jet which has a bigger hexagon. Hence the socket portion of this spanner will not fit a normal Microjet® Base, only the Lighthouse Jet .
BG 11 Sunjet Spanner
(Plastic Spike)
This spanner is the same as the BG 01 spanner except it is designed for use with the Microjet® Sunjet . It is a different shape to the normal standard Microjet® so the socket part of the spanner has been modified to accomodate the Sunjet .

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Microjet® Spanner (Plastic Spike), Microjet® Spanner (Chrome Spike), Lighthouse Spanner, Sunjet Spanner (Plastic Spike)